Portraits II

 These are just some samples that I have done recently. I have tried to include a varied selection showing what can be done. i.e. Black & White. 'Dreamy'. Background changes. Spots and scars removed. High lights added to the eyes and so on......

A photo session can take up to 2 hours in my portable studio (or your home if you prefer) and I will take as many photo's as practically possible. My equipment consists of several back drops. Bowens professional flash heads with lastolite silver, gold and white reflector umbrella's. You will be presented with contact sheets with a selection of the best pictures which you can choose. These will then be worked on which could take up to 30 minutes per picture depending on the end result needed. 
Please email me or phone for prices. (I am a fraction of the price of some other studios) If you want a portfolio for fun, fashion or to present to glamour magazines or simply family portraits I can help  

Please note the quality is poor because of download time

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