These are just some samples that I have done recently. I have tried to include a varied selection showing what can be done. i.e. Blending text on corporate literature and enhancing the final print. The picture of the Kendleshire was taken at when the sun was just past it's highest point creating harsh shadows. The sky was repainted in, the grass made greener, an added sun with intentional glare to start off the text and two inner pictures to make the picture look more dynamic as a brochure page.
The picture of the Hot air balloon burners was enhanced to make it look more dramatic, The intention was to make it look more copper than a miss match of colour. The image was then rotated and cropped slightly to give it that final zing. The 42nd Street production was taken during costume changes at the Redgrave theatre Bristol. This production was the very talented BMYP. The stage was scattered with white tape for light markers etc so these were airbrushed out. Chairs, mops and buckets were also removed. The final picture was then given the production text.. The 'Ski-fi' picture was made up of several pictures blended together 'coutesy of Digital Photo magazine' and the girls clothing was all converted to black.

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