Landscape Portraits

These can be portraits of your family, children, pets etc. They look best in black and white but color can be printed if you prefer. The location can be decided by you or simply leave it to me!


Please click on an image to enlarge and see a better quality picture

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This type of location shoot can be tailored to your own specification




Family Portraits

This type of shoot can be photographed in the studio or simply outside.
Different backgrounds can be added if you prefer.


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For those of you that parted with your hard earned cash-

Many thanks for your support.
These are samples of calendars. I can complete the whole package or simply take the photographs and you do the rest.

Click on the samples below for a bigger view if you dare!

rugby-calendarJ.jpg (86468 bytes)

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2005-calendar.jpg (52230 bytes)

To order :
To buy in singles = 6.50ea inc vat 
To have your name overprinted throughout = min 25 at 4.95 ea + vat
To have your logo on any month = 50 + vat
Delivery charges are extra.

If you want to sponsor as above please contact Glenn on 07866 725 402
or email;  please send your artwork ASAP
If you want to order copies please contact Glenn on the above or John Kew on 01275 856400 email :
Postage will be added at 1.95 inc vat
For overseas customers please contact John Kew who will be happy to negotiate shipping. 
Or collect from the club at West End Nailsea. Tel 01275 810818

This promises to be the best so far and will probably be a collectors item in years to come. It will be all girls and yes it will also be nude! I promise to make this a tasteful, fun and above all a compliment to the girls that have guts and determination to help raise money for the club.  The idea this time is to overprint the calendars with company names and those companies will be able to purchase 50 at a time. Lets face it if your gonna buy calendars for next year why not buy ours! The club will also have there own to sell to individuals and collectors! I have so far got requests for orders from. 'Discount tool supplies'.  Harry Neill Industrial Equipment' and ' John Kew Associates'.
With support like this it is certainly destined to be another success for the club. If you would like to put you name down for a quantity of calendars with your name on every page please contact me so I can start the art work.
Once again we need your support for the club plus a donation will go to the new 'Babes' hospice at Charlton farm. If you would like to see how our club is getting on please look at . we now boast a junior section of some 220 kids from 6 to 17 and 4 senior teams. Nailsea & Backwell is one of the biggest clubs in the country and one of the most accredited! If you want to sponsor a page let me know and I will put your logo on a month of your choice.



Animals and Pets
These are pictures of Cassie and Eddie. Great idea for presents. Christmas cards, thank you cards etc