Price List




Price List

The new 2004 price list for pictures, frames and mounts........

If you feel offended by seeing your picture on this web site please contact me and I will be happy to delete it. 

Pictures on this site represent my work. If you like what you see you can book a photo shoot in my studio, your home or on location. The choice is yours it just depends on how you want the finished product to be.
I can complete the whole package or just take the pictures and you do the rest. If you wish I can complete the whole package including top quality inexpensive frames. I can show you samples of quality frames and mounts in your own home.
I use two framers who are both excellent and competitive in their field and offer a wide range of frames together with practically every colour mount you could possibly think of.
Pictures are printed on hi-end printers with special Fuji papers.

  • If you wish to print or control pictures yourself. I can supply them on CD in jpeg / tiff format.
    The price of this service would depend on how many pictures you require and at what quality.

  • Photo shoot:-
    The first picture you choose regardless of size would be a one off charge of 40.00. This covers time, lighting and equipment, special printing inks and top quality gloss or satin photographic paper.
    a photo session would normally take about 90 minutes and I will take as many pictures as possible.
    Pictures you may choose thereafter are:-
    A3+ approx (13" x 19")                       25.00
    A3       "      (11 1/2" x 16 1/2")           20.00
    A4       "      (81/4" x 11 1/2")              12.00
    A5       "      (7" x 5")                          8.00

  • Multiple copies of the same picture deduct -25%

  • Heavy air brushing, background changes, spot, scar and tattoo removal special effect etc add +25%

  • VCD  8.50
    This is a CD which is in DVD format and you can sit in the comfort of your own living room and play the photo shoot on your DVD through your TV as a slide show with music. please note that some DVD players will not play copied discs. This is a nice way to choose your pictures as well as keeping them archived forever.

  • I can print multiple prints on one page :-
     Picture-Package5.jpg (39777 bytes) 
    These would cost the same as the prints above so an A4 size of 7 pictures would be 12.00. There are many more variations and you could get up to as many as 20 pictures on one page. You simply cut them up and put them in smaller frames or your purse or wallet!

  • Traveling outside the local area and other than my Bristol studio will be 70p per mile.

  • Commissions and day rates are negotiable.

  • Example of an average shoot.
    90 mins. 125 pictures. Client selects 4 x A3+ prints. 4 x A4 and 8 x A5.
    2 x DVD's
    On average most selected pictures are framed.

  • Example of an average A4 frame. = 17.20- That's framed, fitted with mount, hanging eyes, wall hook and string and delivered to your door.

  • Example of an average 20 x 16 frame (ideal for A3 prints) = 27.95

  • For general pictures such as A4 and 7x5" I have a range of gold, black and brown/ gold frames which are great for sport etc.  

The above frames are fantastic for weddings and modern family pictures. The frames and mounts can be any colour with hundreds of variations. 

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