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Welcome to Fineimages.co.uk - 2005 GIRLS CALENDAR NOW ON SALE......


Please feel free to browse my web site and enjoy the photographs. If you like what you see you can buy the pictures in various formats which can be found by pressing the  price list button. My studio in Bristol includes various lighting rigs with Bowens, Interfit & Courtenay flash heads with lastolite accessories and Sekonic 608 light meters.  For portraits and glamour please click on the samples button and then choose a category. 
I can produce the whole package from the pictures to the final framing....

Occasionally I need to try out new lighting techniques or new equipment and can offer a TFP (Time for prints) This is when you give me your time and I give you back some prints or a CD in return at no cost to you. If you would like to register please email or phone me. This is only a few times a year so only very serious models who are perhaps building a portfolio need apply!


My photographic equipment covers  a wide range but I specialise in sports & Portrait photography with Top end Canon Digital SLR cameras and lenses up to 960mm. I can manipulate photographs on the computer to change to Black & White, Sepia, Enhance, Digitally change, Super-impose or any other requirements you may have including the repair and re-printing of old master prints. My photographs are printed using high quality inkjet printers with special inks which have an extended life span over OEM ink.

mat-stone.jpg (67527 bytes)Some of my work covered includes, Rugby, Football, Portraiture, Glamour. Fashion. Concerts. Commercial (Business. Property, Corporate etc)  Internet preparation (Photographs of products for web pages etc.) Private, Personal and general photography. Calendar building, Brochures and much more.

Please enjoy my work.

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Somos los mejores especialistas, recuerde nuestro servicio 24 horas, para atenderle cuando más lo necesite, arreglamos puertas, cambio de pomos, puertas acorazadas, arreglamos persianas, cambiamos cerraduras Cerrajeros Crevillente arreglamos cerraduras de todo tipo, cajas fuertes, tenemos un trato directo con nuestros clientes. 24 horas cerrajeros, atendemos urgencias 24h.

If you feel offended by seeing your picture on this web site please contact me and I will be happy to delete it. 

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